Watton 5 Christchurch 3

Watton 5 Christchurch 3


Christchurch started hard playing the long ball through and before Watton knew it they were 3-0 down. But Watton remained calm and composed and by half time 2 well executed short corner goals from Jemma and a third from Jasmine meant at halftime the score was level at 3-3.

Watton started the 2nd half with a new plan and were confident they would be able to take the lead. Bea, Jasmine and Charlie upfront put pressure on Christchurch’s hit outs meaning t...hey were unable to find the long ball through and Watton were able to win the ball back. Mel and Jemma were often found with lots of space in the middle of the pitch and distributed the ball well, with Lauren leading attacks along the baseline on the right of the pitch and Emma causing lots of trouble on the left. Watton were back in control of the game and were rewarded with another short corner goal, struck in hard by Jasmine and deflected into the corner by an unlucky defender. An attack up the right of the pitch led to Helen hitting the ball through to the back post where Emma was waiting and battled to get the ball over the line once more. Christchurch tried to attack but Watton’s defence was tight with Amy turning the ball over to attack down the left and Rachael and Sarah not letting anything come down the middle, which meant Lissy in goal did not have too much to do in this half.

The Watton Girls showed great strength in turning this match round after a poor start, working together to give a good performance and remain top of the league - Well done girls!!