Under 12 Boys show great spirit

We entered an under-12 Boys team in a tournament at Harleston.

We have young Casey in goal who turns into a super hero when he puts the pads on. Casey is growing in confidence in every game and made numerous spectacular saves. Christopher defended excellently in every game and never gave up. George looks the part in his new hockey kit and cool haircut and played with some great ball control. We had a guest appearance from Molly who helped the boys out. Many boys had problems getting past her and with her attitude you will not pass Molly. She out shone many boys in the other teams. Then we come to our little Spud, aged 7, who has so much skill for a young boy. He never gave up and dribbled past many boys five years older than him.

We have two brothers playing in the team: Reece & Oscar who played well together. Reece had to be taken to hospital after having a stick hit across the face from a tackle. The hospital are pretty sure he has broken his nose but have to wait until the swelling goes down. Reece was a true solider being in so much pain and we all wish him well.

We would just like to thank Harleston for all their help with Reece.