Ladies 1s suffer unfortunate defeat

StartFragmentWatton started the game against Dereham 2s with an early goal from Lauren Smith striking the ball to the bottom left corner which was then touched by Jasmine Vincent and then again by Bea Hinchliffe. Watton led the game with a lot of the possession as well as some great shots at goal! Amy Childerhouse, Rachel Kittell and Helen Winter held a strong defence together although were caught out on some long balls played in by the Dereham players. A short corner was awarded to the Dereham side and was scored to only then make Watton want the win more. Good leading runs were made by Charlotte Clubb and Bea Hinchliffe who then played the ball across goal hoping for a deflection. Melinda Vincent and Jemma Jackson showed true grit and determination within the middle of the formation and distributed the ball well. A second goal was scored by Dereham making the score 2-1. A second corner was awarded to Dereham where a tremendous drag flick was performed making the score 3-1 to Dereham. Watton then wanted it even more and fought through the frustration. The ball was played quickly by Charlotte Clubb on a free hit to Jasmine Vincent who delivered a strong pass from outside the D to Lauren Smith who was running in to score. Lauren Smith picked up the ball and scored making the score 3-2.

Many corners were awarded to Watton and the pressure was kept to a high standard by the Dereham players and keeper. A third goal was scored by Lauren Smith from a tap in from Melinda Vincent to then to be denied by the umpire as a short corner was already awarded from an earlier foul as the ball crossed the line. Overall a frustrating game for Watton but will be coming back twice as hard next time.EndFragment