NCHC Junior Tournament (Boys)

We travelled to Norwich City yesterday to take part in the U12 boys tournament for which Grant was coaching. We knew the afternoon was going to be a slog as we had a young team competing in the U12 category.

After the first match Grant declared that one the 'warm up'.

The defenders seemed to forget to run while defending penalty corners in the first match so some shouting from Grant and the parents seemed to help! Grant and the boys had a team talk after every match to discuss what had just happen and what they could do to be better next time. This seemed to work, they played much better in the second and third matches with Evan almost scoring.

The passing improved match on match, we just need to have a quick look up before hitting the ball to make sure that we are passing to our own players rather than the opposition.

We played four games, unfortunately we came last in our category but the boys had fun and they did gain some more experience which can only make them better!

Hopefully the boys will get more game time during the season to perfect positioning and general core skills.

Well done lads, you should be as proud of yourselves as the club is.

The team was made up of George, Spud, Sam, Reece, Oscar, Josh, Evan, Casey & Christopher.

Thank you to all the parents that came and supported.