Membership and Training Fees

Dear all It was agreed at this years AGM that our Hockey Club will

change the way we calculate annual fees and training charges. This has come about due to the increase in the cost of pitch hire, teas, umpires, and lower numbers at training. It all meant that last season we made a very small loss in finances for the first time in many years.

Our pitch requires replacing within the next two years and we have pledged £5,000 to support this, so going forwards we must increase our reserves. We have also looked at consolidating training sessions to reduce the pitch hire costs. Several options were discussed at the AGM and it was agreed that we will adopt the same approach as other Hockey clubs: our annual membership subscription charge will now include all your training fees. It does result in a higher upfront annual cost for individuals than we have been used to, but it also supports the club in covering training costs for the season. Players and parents will no longer need to pay on the night.


What are the costs?

Annual Subs have been £80 (£40 U18) for the last 5 years, and we will keep that the same. We will be adding on £70 (same for U18) for training so new total annual subs will be £150 (£110 U18) payable on club day (10th Sept) or by the end of September. The price will rise to £170 (£130 U18) if paid later.

We are happy to set up standing orders and make special arrangements if necessary, but want these arrangements to be put into place before the end of September 2016.

How did we calculate training costs? For several seasons training has been £4 on the night. The number of people training did not cover the cost of pitch hire and lights. We have calculated that we train on 26 weeks of the year, £70 works out at an average of £2.20 per session and a reduction of almost 33%! But by all our members paying for training up front, this will cover the cost of training for the whole season, and hopefully entice more players to train, improving their own skills and team spirit. Training is for all players in all teams, and our team selections will be based on those who train regularly and offer commitment to their team mates and Coach. We have compared our costs to other local clubs and are confident that we are still offering a cheaper membership, for the quality of coaching and standard of hockey that we offer.

Junior (U12’s and younger) Subs and training fees

It was agreed that these remain unchanged for the new season, details are:

Annual Subs: £12.00 Training fee payable at training session £3.00 If paid on block, by half term, up front cost is: 1st Sept 2016 to 20th Oct 2016 = £20.00 ( 8 weeks at £2.50) 3rd Nov 2016 to 8th Dec 2016 = £15.00 ( 6 weeks at £2.50) 5th Jan 2017 to 9th Feb 2017 = £15.00 ( 6 weeks at £2.50) 23rd Feb 2017 to 30th March 2017 = £15.00 ( 6 weeks at £2.50)

If you wish to pay up front for a whole term: 1st Sept 2016 to 8th Dec 2016 = £30.00 5th Jan 2017 to 30th March 2017= £25.00

Any questions regarding fees please contact us in a message here, or Julie, Vicky or Jemma directly.